Battle of the Bands

GAIN music’s battle of the bands hosted its semi-final night at Van Gogh’s Ear on Friday, Jan. 10. The night consisted of performances by three bands: Emily and the Mainlanders, the Howling, and The GALACTICATS who competed for a spot in the final round taking place on Jan. 31.

The GALACTICATS opened the evening with their bluesy sound and revved up the crowd for the exciting night ahead, the Howling followed with their folk inspired tunes, and Emily and the Mainlanders closed the night. After everything had been tallied, the final decision was clear, and The GALACTICATS took their well-deserved spot in the final round.

The GALACTICATS, a blues-rock band with surf-rock undertones, will compete for the grand prize against Sleepless, an alternative-hard rock band from Simcoe County. The Howling, an indie folk band, won the wildcard spot into the finals.

This is the first annual Battle of the Bands event put on by GAIN music in hopes of promoting local talent and giving them a platform to perform on-stage among their peers, local artists, and promoters. The event began on Nov. 29 and will finish Jan. 31 at Van Gogh’s Ear in downtown Guelph.