Tech Showcase connects students with employers

Tech Showcase connects students with employers

Networking event offers a glimpse into the job market

Aimed at connecting cooperative education students with employers, the University of Guelph’s sixth annual Tech Showcase was held at the Summerlee Science Complex on Jan. 18.

Approximately 300 students from the School of Engineering and the School of Computer Science attended the event as well as over 30 local and international companies representing the tech-based job market.

The exhibition provided students with the opportunity to ask vital questions about what employers are looking for in an entry-level job candidate.

A student’s communication skills in addition to their ability to adapt were continuously listed among the most imperative qualities.

Hemali Chauhan, an employer at APrivacy, a Waterloo-based data security company, stated that one key attribute she looks for when recruiting students is their willingness to learn.

Shari Knight, the director of people at eSentire, stated that the students her company is seeking to employ should be “well-rounded developers,” who have a strong enough skill set to work in any environment.

Erica Pisani, a University of Guelph software engineering graduate was at the fair representing Wave Accounting as a developer. She explained that her position as a co-operative education student was extremely beneficial and that working during her undergrad gave her “a hands-on experience that you would normally not get in an academic environment.”

Many employers urged students to continue attending job fairs as they can give students industry exposure and allow students to make connections with the employers of companies they may be interested in working with. Employers also urged students to make use of the career services the school provides, as well as any of the networking opportunities at their disposal.

Photo by Mariah Bridgeman/The Ontarion.