Tips for staying in touch with your long-distance friends

Tips for staying in touch with your long-distance friends

Graduation doesn’t have to mean goodbye

As exams conclude and graduation nears, so do imminent goodbyes to some of your closest friends.

Whether you’re graduating for good or moving back in with your parents for the summer, it can be difficult to leave the friends that you’ve made over the past school year behind. Stay in touch with your long-distance friends easily by making a habit of contacting them every once in awhile.

Send snail mail

While it might not be the most efficient way of communicating with your friends, it’s extremely gratifying to send or receive a care package every once in awhile. Add a personal touch by choosing aesthetically pleasing stationary and adding stickers, a custom-made playlist, or other fun items that might be local to only your area.

Watch a TV show together

Don’t neglect your weekly scheduled entertainment time even if your favourite shows are on pause for the summer. Pick a TV show that both you and your friend can watch (beware of shows that are not always available in other countries) and discuss your favourite moments of the most recent episode through online chats. Or start a book club if you’re both bibliophiles.

Keep up through social media

It may not seem like it requires a lot of effort to click “like” on a photo that your friend posted on social media, but every little bit counts. Try to comment with something meaningful or use it as a conversation starter. Even sending each other memes counts for something. 

Set aside some time every week

For the friends who live in different time zones, spontaneous video calls or chats can be tricky to arrange. Pick a day of the week or time of day that works for both of you and actually schedule it into your calendar so that you don’t forget.

Pick up a new hobby

It can be intimidating to try out a new hobby by yourself, but having a friend trying it with you can make it a very rewarding experience. Some hobbies, like sports, will probably be too problematic to coordinate over a video call, but other hobbies, such as embroidery, online video games, or even cooking, can be possible to organize.

Make plans to meet up

The internet has made it incredibly easy to keep in contact with friends instantly, but it can never be as good as seeing each other face to face. Plan a road trip or book a flight to visit each other if the opportunity ever arises. It can be exciting to give an exclusive tour of your hometown or discover theirs, and see all the hidden spots that only the town locals know about. Another option is meeting each other halfway and traveling to a vacation destination together, which can ensure that even if your friendship gets too distant over the years, you’ll always have fond memories of the best years of your life.

Photo by Karen K. Tran