Since 1951, we are the only independent student newspaper to directly reach the 30,000+ students, staff and faculty who make up the University of Guelph’s campus community.

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Facts & Stats

  • The University of Guelph, established in 1964, is ranked as one of Canada’s top comprehensive universities.
  • The Ontarion is the University of Guelph’s official independent student newspaper which targets the students, staff and faculty here at the University of Guelph plus the broader City of Guelph community. We began in 1951 as part of the Ontario Agricultural college and then began to represent the entire University of Guelph once it amalgamated in 1964. Since then we have operated as the number one resource for on-campus events and issues relating to University of Guelph students.
  • Students (Ungraduate/Graduate) – 27,890
  • Administrative & Academic Staff – 5,460

“Universities and Colleges are very important to cities like Guelph. They are economic power-houses. They support good jobs of all kinds and they attract new people who spend lots of money in our community. The consulting firm Live Work Learn Play (LWLP) has estimated that student discretionary spending—not counting such necessities as rent and groceries—injects over $100 million into the local economy. Many Guelphites have had mortgages fully or partly paid by student rents too. So we are really lucky to have them” — Marty Williams, Executive Director @ Downtown Guelph Business Association.

Details & Policy

The Ontarion reserves the right to refuse any advertisements that are deemed sexist, racist, homophobic or otherwise discriminatory and all advertisements must adhere to the university’s alcohol policy.


The advertiser must be available to proof ads in person or by email.


Accounts are due when rendered. 1.5% monthly interest is added to overdue accounts. New advertisers are required to pre-pay at time of publication and will receive full tearsheets with invoices and monthly statements of account.


Errors must always be reported to The Ontarion within four business days of the publication’s release. The Ontarion is not responsible for failure to place advertisements or for mistakes within and beyond the price of the ad.

Booking Deadlines

Every Monday by 1pm
N.B.: All materials (discs, artwork) must arrive at The Ontarion no later than 10am Tuesday the week of publication.