Colonialism 150 graffiti and vandalism leave a mark on U of G campus

no canada group seeks to resist the Canadian state  

Graffiti connected to the group no canada has been spotted around the University of Guelph campus while flower beds depicting the Canadian flag have been trampled.  

no canada’s Instagram bio reads: “a celebration of 150 years of resistance to the canadian state,” a sentiment that is echoed in graffiti that includes the phrase “Colonialism 150.”

Mariah Bridgeman | The Ontarion

The no canada website also includes an article about the group’s symbol, which is the Canadian flag turned upside down.

“Subvert the meaning behind their most powerful symbol… Canada flies their flag to assert dominance, so let’s remove these symbols,” states an article on the no canada website.

Mariah Bridgeman | The Ontarion

The Ontarion spoke to Chuck Cunningham, the University of Guelph’s assistant vice president (communications & public affairs), about the graffiti on campus.

“The University supports respectful social protest, discussion, and debate. We do not support defacing buildings and sidewalks or trampling flower beds — it was particularly hurtful to see the damage done to the floral Canadian flags that took place over this weekend. Many in our community were delighted to see the fine work of our grounds staff who were justifiably proud in creating this floral tribute to Canada 150. As you may have seen, hundreds of community members stopped to photograph this beautiful garden art,” wrote Cunningham in an email to The Ontarion.

Mariah Bridgeman | The Ontarion


The U of G grounds staff are currently working on repairing the damage to the flower beds.

Mariah Bridgeman | The Ontarion


This case is still under investigation by U of G’s Campus Community Police. The University encourages anyone with information to call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477) or extension 52245.

Photo by Mariah Bridgeman/The Ontarion.

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