The soundtrack to your day at Hillside Festival

The soundtrack to your day at Hillside Festival

Featuring indie artists from across Canada and more

This year’s Hillside lineup excels at what most other festivals don’t care to do — feature more female performers. 25 out of the 60+ acts at Hillside this year include a female member in the band, which is a significant number compared to many international festivals.

The not-for-profit music festival features a lineup of indie, singer-songwriter, folk, and alt-country artists from across Canada, including some Quebecois musicians such as Coeur De Pirate and Lisa LeBlanc.

Get excited for the upcoming festival with The Ontarion’s “Hillside” playlist, comprised of the festival’s top headliners as well as songs from your next potential favourite band.

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1. Carry On Coeur De Pirate
2. After All Charlotte Day Wilson
3. Astrovan Mt. Joy
4. Watching from a Rooftop The Franklin Electric
5. Confession (I Should Have Known) Common Deer
6. Chit Chat Hannah Georgas
7. Juniper Begonia
8. Basement Apt. Sarah Harmer
9. Drag Me Down Weaves
10. Luna Lovers Las Cafeteras
11. Ocean Blue Rae Spoon
12. Dark Matter Lindy Vopnfjord
13. Waterbound Ora Cogan
14. When I Am A Woman The Luyas
15. Bye Bye Bees Communism
16. Kraft Dinner Lisa LeBlanc
17. Barbed Wire Parsonsfield
18. Wolf Wife Jenny Ritter
19. Good to You Lula Wiles
20. Love Ain’t Enough The Barr Brothers

Feature image by Mariah Bridgeman/The Ontarion.