Everything you need to know about U of G’s student associations

Everything you need to know about U of G’s student associations

The CSA and GSA at the University of Guelph

Most post-secondary schools have some sort of student group that advocates on behalf of the student body. At the University of Guelph there are two of these groups: one for undergraduate students and one for graduate students.

Who are the CSA and GSA?

The Central Student Association (CSA) represents undergraduate students at the University. The Graduate Students’ Association (GSA) serves much the same function as the CSA, but is significantly smaller due to the smaller population of grad students on campus in comparison to undergraduates.

What do the CSA and GSA do?

Together, the CSA and GSA provide students on campus with health and dental benefits and are the reason why most students will have a universal bus pass sticker on their student cards.

Each student group represents their section of the campus community on a local, provincial, and sometimes national level.

CSA: The CSA’s website states “We work democratically to serve and protect the rights of undergraduate students at the University of Guelph. The day-to-day management of the Central Student Association consists of an elected Executive, a Board of Directors, numerous other staff, and volunteers.”

GSA: The GSA’s website states that one of their prime directives is to “advocate for the quality and accessibility of graduate education at the University of Guelph.”

How does the board of directors function?

Both organizations are governed in part by a board of directors. These boards are responsible for making financial and sometimes legal decisions for the organization(s). The membership of these boards are open to anyone who is a member of the organization. The positions are divided mainly by academic program in some form. The CSA’s board also includes spots for special status groups on campus with the aim to give traditionally underrepresented students a voice.

What services does the CSA offer?

The CSA provides services on campus that are accessible for any student including, but not exclusively, the following:

All services offered by the CSA are accessible to grad students or have a GSA equivalent.

Where can we find their offices?

CSA: The CSA’s main office is located on the second floor of the University Centre right above the front doors. Across the hall from them is SHAC; the Foodbank and Bike Center are located on the corner of South Ring Road and Gordon Street; the Bullring is located between Rozanski and MacKinnon.

GSA: The GSA’s main office is located on the fifth floor of the University Centre (on the north side) and their restaurant, The Fifth, can be found right beside their offices.

Who are your executives?

The executive of the CSA recently changed its structure. In the 2016–2017 school year the CSA re-adopted a hierarchical/presidential structure.

  • CSA President: Chelsea Mulvale
  • VP Academic: Becca Cheskes
  • VP Student Experience: Emily Vance
  • VP External: Kayla Weiler
Alora Griffiths | The Ontarion

The GSA Executive has not recently changed its structure.

  • GSA President: Danyelle Liddle
  • VP Internal: Amber Hutchinson
  • VP Finance: Seyedmehdi Emam
  • VP External: Lindsay Plater

How do you contact your student associations?

All emails for both the CSA and GSA executives can be found on the organizations’ respective websites if you would like more details about what each individual does.

Websites can be found at:

Photo by Alora Griffiths/The Ontarion.