Upper-year Gryphons reveal their favourite study spots

Upper-year Gryphons reveal their favourite study spots

Find out where five experienced U of G students like to study


It’s midterm season and you’ve got your first big test worth 30 per cent of your final grade coming up in an hour. You desperately scour the floors of McLaughlin Library to find a quiet spot to cram as much as you can, but all the spots are already filled by similarly desperate students. The clock is ticking and you’re getting frustrated by the obnoxious amount of books that are taking up perfectly good space that could be furnished with desks and chairs.

Dana Bellamy | The Ontarion


What do you do?


Whether you’re looking for a quiet space to catch up on your Netflix shows or bored of the same dreary spot in the library, skip the stress and head straight to these tried, tested, and true study spots, brought to you by upper-year students at the University of Guelph.

Mariah Bridgeman | The Ontarion

Helen Toner, Fourth year; Animal Biology major, Theatre Studies minor

Study spot: The desks on the second floor of the UC across from the CSA office

Why: “When there’s concerts/performers playing in the UC it makes amazing background music; I discovered one of my favourite bands that way!”

Katarina Furundzic

Stephanie Otto, Fourth year; Environmental Biology major

Study spot: MINS student lounge

Why: “It’s big and bright and not too loud. It has couches, desks, and even a microwave. It’s perfect when you are at the north end of campus and don’t want to walk far.”

Karen K. Tran

Rachel Armstrong, Second year; Child, Youth, and Family major

Study spot: Library basement

Why: “I find it to be not super busy all the time, and if you sit by the windows you still get quite a bit of natural light, which I like.”

Katarina Furundzic

Chantelle Kazemi, Fourth year; Sociology major 

Study spot: In the trees beside the Bullring.

Why: “I love going to the spot on sunny days so I can enjoy the fresh air and nice weather while I study. I can keep my head clear because the spot gives me good vibes.”

Katarina Furundzic

Mark Melioukh, Fourth year; Computer Science major

Study spot: Pi Lab in Thornbrough

Why: “Access to whiteboards and space to pace is very beneficial.”

Photo by Alora Griffiths/The Ontarion.