Reviewing Saturday at Riverfest

Reviewing Saturday at Riverfest

Elora’s summer music festival 

Every year, the small town of Elora sees thousands of visitors from all parts of the province make the trek to Bissell Park for Riverfest. With three stages, a variety of food vendors and headlining acts such as MGMT, Monster Truck, Gogol Bordello and Mother Mother, Riverfest Elora did not disappoint.

Check out our coverage from Saturday of the weekend-long festival!

Photos by Karen K. Tran

DJ Jazzy Jeff and Skratch Bastid

Karen K. Tran

DJ Jazzy Jeff (also known as Jazz from Fresh Prince) and DJ Skratch Bastid had the crowd dancing around to a variety of tunes, old and new. They appropriately closed their set to Jay Z’s “Encore,” leaving the crowd enthusiastically cheering for more.

Polaris Prize The Band

Karen K. Tran

Polaris Prize The Band took the Koop Tent Stage and left the audience in awe of their diverse experimental sound.

The impressive band consists of a fusion of several different artists from Guelph and Toronto: Kevin Breit & The Sisters Euclid, The Heavyweights Brass Band, and soul singer Chris Rouse.

 This supergroup set the stage on fire with their ten-piece band including two keyboards, two guitars, two drum sets, two trumpets, one saxophone, one tuba, and two vocalists. The band’s unique sound kept the audience on their toes the entire time, unsure which direction the sound was going to go next. Polaris Prize The Band is the satisfying treat that you never knew you were craving.


Karen K. Tran

K.Flay from Wilmette, Illinois brought her beautiful alternative hip-hop sound to the Riverfest Main Stage. K.Flay’s angelic, soft voice and sharp, loaded lyrics make a beautiful, sweet, and salty sound. During the set K.Flay announced that she was enjoying some “local lager.”


Karen K. Tran

The Darcys, a vibrant duo from Toronto, performed to a prodigious crowd in the Koop Tent Stage. Festivalgoers continued to cram into the tent throughout the set, leaving overflow listening from outside. The Darcys had the most cohesive set of the evening, succeeding in checking off everything a festivalgoer could ever crave. The stage presence, sound, and performance were entertaining while remaining unpredictable. Watching the duo flawlessly switch from drums to electric drums to synthesizer to vocals and at times multitasking the mix of them was mesmerizing.

Fun fact: The band’s name is a reference from Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice.  

The Darcys also had the most exciting stage décor of the evening consisting of a palm tree with flashing lights and a very large inflatable flamingo, which also served as a lounge spot. Matching the beach theme, the drum had tiny beach balls bouncing along to the music. As this was their second year performing at Riverfest, the duo expressed their love for the festival as well as Elora. I think next year The Darcys are more than ready to take their show to a larger stage.


Karen K. Tran

Psychedelic rock group MGMT closed out Saturday night with a mellow set that had crowds dancing along to their big hits “Kids,” “Electric Feel,” and “Time to Pretend.” Lead vocalist Andrew VanWyngarden singing while lying on the stage and then crawling over to the audience during “Kids” was hands down the highlight of the set. MGMT provided a relaxing end to a busy Saturday of music, art, food, and culture at Riverfest.

Introduction and photos by Karen K. Tran