Simple Plan hits Guelph on world tour

Simple Plan hits Guelph on world tour

Fifteen years later — still “Just A Kid” 

There was no shortage of inappropriate jokes told when Simple Plan took the stage at the Guelph Concert Theatre on Sept. 14. The band danced, high-fived fans, and even dove into the crowd during their action-packed set.

Karen K Tran

Simple Plan is currently touring across Europe, USA, Japan, and their native Canada in celebration of their highly-successful debut album, No Pads, No Helmets . . . Just Balls. Kitchener band Courage My Love provided opening support for the tour, along with Selfish Things from Mississauga and The Bottom Line from London, England.

Photos by Karen K. Tran

Long-time fans sang along to pop-punk favourites like “I’m Just A Kid” and “I’d Do Anything” from NPNHJB as well as newer singles like “Jet Lag” and “Summer Paradise” that were mixed into their encore set.

Between songs, lead singer Pierre Bouvier took a moment to reflect on 2002 — the year when their album was released — a simpler time when websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, MySpace, and Pornhub didn’t exist.

Karen K. Tran

Nearing the end of the show, Bouvier addressed the absence of bassist David Desrosiers, assuring the crowd that it was only temporary and that Simple Plan did not have plans to change their original lineup.

Earlier this year, Desrosiers announced on Instagram that he is “fighting a major depression that prevents [him] from enjoying life and doing the things [he] love[s] such as playing music.”

Desrosiers’ struggle has motivated the band’s charity fund, Simple Plan Foundation, to donate to mental health support organizations.

In light of Desrosiers’ absence, the rest of the band continued on good-humouredly, joking on stage about everything from erections to their inevitable hair loss as they grow older.

Though the anniversary of NPNHJB marked the passage of more than 15 years since the band’s inception, Simple Plan’s high energy and sense of humour proved that growing old doesn’t mean growing up.

Photos by Karen K. Tran