Guelph’s new bus schedule gets lukewarm reviews

Guelph’s new bus schedule gets lukewarm reviews

Students sound off on new routes and express service

Students and commuters using Guelph transit have mixed feelings about the new bus schedule.

The Ontarion spoke with a few students and commuters about their thoughts.

“I love the new bus schedule, because it really suits my schedule,” said U of G student Am Temilade Akintola. “I always get a bus that drops me right in front of my house. Before it is very difficult to get one, I have to take two buses, but now I only get on one bus.”

Another student, Victory Hector, said that she loves the new schedule because she can get to school on time.

“I live at the south area of the city, and there is a new bus now, which is bus 99, that comes every 10 minutes, which helps me to get to school on time. Before I had to wait for 20 to 30 minutes to get on another bus,” Hector said. “At first I missed several buses because I did not understand the new bus schedule, but now I think I am okay with it. On Saturday I was disappointed because I could not get any bus at all.”

A commuter named Samuel said that the new schedule did not work out in his favour because some old bus stops were scrapped and he now has to walk for ten minutes before getting on a bus.

“The good thing is that the new bus 99 comes in every ten minutes,” he said. “But the busses’ numbers are so confusing — you sometimes see bus 99, which later changes to bus 16 at the south end.”

Meanwhile, another student, Oluwafunlayo Aremu, expressed that the new schedule is confusing with “too many buses [on] the same route.”

Aremu added that the positive side is that “when you miss a bus you can always get another in time.”

Image by Frances Esenwa/The Ontarion