Tiann’s top seven TV picks

Tiann’s top seven TV picks

Fall TV season includes old faves, new hits

1. Scandal

Premiere date: Oct. 5

Why we love it: Strong female lead? Check. Steamy presidential affair? Check. Check.

2. Grey’s Anatomy

Premiere date: Sept. 28

Why we love it: Come hell or high water, Grey’s Anatomy fans are in it for the long-haul. While it seemed the show had hit a slump a few years back, it is back and bigger than ever, as a whole new generation of fans discovers this guilty pleasure.

3. This Is Us

Premiere date: Sept. 26

Why we love it: This Is Us hits you with all the feels. It’s a drama about family that everyone can relate to, and based on ratings, it resonated with audiences last season.

4. Will & Grace

Premiere date: Sept. 28

Why we love it: After a somewhat disappointing Gilmore Girls revival last year, we’re hoping the witty repartee of Will & Grace will land with audiences in their TV comeback.

5. The Deuce

Premiere date: Sept. 10

Why we love it: The development of the American porn industry might be an unorthodox topic for television, but we are antsy to see the star-studded cast play this out on the small-screen.

6. The Gifted

Premiere date: Oct. 2

Why we love it:

Based on Marvel Comics’ X-Men, this new show is giving us some serious Heroes vibes. Who doesn’t love a mutant teenager?

7. The Mayor

Premiere date: Oct. 2

Why we love it: A young rapper becomes mayor of his town as a joke: it’s a fish-out-of-water story that seems all too relevant given the current political landscape.

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