Trudeau appoints chief science advisor

Trudeau appoints chief science advisor

Dr. Mona Nemer honoured with new position

The importance of scientific advancement has been making headlines recently, and the latest announcement from the Prime Minister’s Office reinforces Canada’s stance as a nation that values science.

On Sept. 26, Dr. Mona Nemer was introduced as Canada’s new chief science advisor following what has been described as an “open, transparent, and merit-based selection process,” in an official statement from the Prime Minister’s Office.

In the statement, Nemer is presented as being an incredibly well-respected and accomplished scientist, holding over ten years of experience as the research vice-president at the University of Ottawa, as well as holding seats on many national and international scientific inquiry boards. She has also been working at the forefront of research in her field, which primarily pertains to heart disease and its mechanisms.

While the selection of the new chief science advisor may well have gone unnoticed by most Canadians, it is nonetheless an important statement by the Canadian government.

The selection of Canada’s new top scientist is an action that reaffirms the fact that Canadians, and their representative government, value science as being important to our nation’s future.

This stance is particularly important now more than ever, as the international scientific community is facing political challenges like never before.

With President Trump and other international players discrediting the work of the scientific community, it is critical that nations come together to support scientists from all fields.

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