Yahoo! admits that 2013 hack impacted all users

Yahoo! admits that 2013 hack impacted all users

Recent Equifax hack impacts 145 million

Yahoo hack

It was recently announced that all three billion Yahoo users were compromised in the August 2013 Yahoo hack. According to a statement from Yahoo early last week, most basic user information, such as names, email addresses, and phone numbers, were stolen.

Equifax hack

In a similar and more recent hacking incident, consumer credit-reporting company Equifax, completed part of the investigation of its cybersecurity incident.

Around 145 million consumers in the United States have been potentially impacted by the Equifax incident, which exposed users’ social security numbers among other information.

This security breach also potentially affected thousands of Canadian citizens.

ON sensitive user information

All in all, both the Yahoo and Equifax incidents demonstrate that companies dealing with sensitive user information need to increase their cybersecurity to protect their users’ privacy in the future. In the big data era, it is increasingly important to enhance security awareness and protect personal information.

Image by Alora Griffiths/The Ontarion