Yoga poses to save your stiff study bod

Yoga poses to save your stiff study bod

Say that five times fast, laugh, breathe, stretch, and relax 

Downward facing dog 

Starting on all fours, ensure your hands are directly under your shoulders and hips are lined up with your knees.Roll back onto your feet so that you are in an inverted “V” shape. Slowly bring your hips upwards toward the ceiling until in a comfortable stretch. Keep your arms straight with your torso and knees slightly bent. Keep your head inline with your arms and hold for three to five breaths.

Warrior II pose 

Stand with legs a few feet apart and turn your right foot 45 degrees to the right, keeping your left foot facing forwards. Extend your arms out to the sides, bending your right knee to a 90-degree angle (keep your knee straight above your ankle). And lastly, as if looking out onto your field of battle, turn your face so that it is in line with your right foot. Keeping your arms strong, hold this pose for several breaths, and then switch sides.


Lying on your stomach on the ground (or on your mat), rest the tops of your feet on the ground and place your hands, palms facing downwards, on the floor underneath your shoulders. Push up your torso slowly with your arms extended, while keeping your hips on the ground. Engage your abs and extend your chest outwards. Hold pose for three to five breaths.

Tree pose

Heather Gilmore

Stand straight with both arms at your sides, shifting weight onto your right leg and placing the pad of your left foot onto your inner right thigh. Bring hands into prayer position or stretch above head after one breath. Hold for several breaths. Repeat on right leg. 

Easy pose

Sitting on the ground (or on a mat), cross your legs in front of you. Then, ensuring your spine is straight, place your hands in a comfortable position out in front of you. This pose is great for meditation and for focusing on your breathing.

Photo by Heather Gilmore