Campus police take down discriminatory posters on campus

Campus police take down discriminatory posters on campus

U of G groups take firm stance against all forms of oppression

Posters containing hateful messages, targeted at various groups and identities, were removed by Campus Police the morning of Thursday, Nov. 16. The posters were attached to bike shelters, garbage cans, and tables outside the Science Complex and MacNaughton Building. Additional posters were also found off campus.

Speaking about the incident via email correspondence, Central Student Association (CSA) president, Chelsea Mulvale, told The Ontarion that “the CSA is firm in its stance against all forms of oppression, including, but not limited to, Islamophobia, transphobia, homophobia, xenophobia, antisemitism, and anti-black racism.”

Brenda Whiteside, associate vice-president (student affairs), affirmed the university administration’s position that “U of G is a community committed to civility and mutual respect and, as such, will not tolerate disrespectful or hurtful actions.”

Lidia Fourcans, organizational and outreach coordinator for the Guelph Resource Centre for Gender Empowerment and Diversity (GRCGED), also spoke to The Ontarion about the incident.

“Right now, social media is providing an outlet for students and the community in general to actually see what’s happening,” said Fourcans. “Now it’s right there in front of us so that visibility actually changes completely the way we perceive things. It gives us the opportunity to actually do something about it, like take action rather than just pretend that doesn’t happen here.”

Rachel Schenk Martin, events and fundraising coordinator for GRCGED, agreed, adding, “You can’t fight something that you don’t know exists.”

Fourcans also highlighted that GRCGED operates as a safe space for people on and off campus who might feel unsafe.

Those with any information regarding this incident are encouraged to contact Campus Community Police at ext. 52245.

Mulvale encourages those who were distressed by the posters to seek support from the following organizations:

  • Student Help and Advocacy Centre x58105
  • Diversity and Human Rights Office x53000
  • Student Support Network, Raithby House
  • Office of Intercultural Affairs, Student Life x53954

Photo by Patrick Sutherland/The Ontarion

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