Mayor blames Guelph bus drivers for getting sick

Mayor blames Guelph bus drivers for getting sick

Cam Guthrie to drive all routes to avoid service interruptions

Throughout October and November, Guelph transit routes have been repeatedly interrupted when bus drivers called in sick or cancelled overtime shifts. Riders are growing frustrated by the lack of reliability.

In response to this frustration, a representative from the city, Pauline Flack, suggested riders download the Google Maps app, which allows users to track their buses and see just how late they’re going to be — or if they’re coming at all.

“This way,” said Flack, “if you’re halfway through your journey and waiting downtown for your transfer, you can reschedule that job interview you have in 10 minutes.”

Alternatively, she said, you can follow Guelph Transit on Twitter and Facebook to get notified that the entire route has been cancelled five minutes after the bus’s scheduled arrival time.

In an interview with Guelph Today, Guthrie suggested that workers were calling in sick as a way of gaining leverage in labour negotiations.

On Twitter, Guthrie himself has promised that he will take it upon himself to fix the cancellation issue.

“Since I never get sick, I’ve decided to drive all the routes that need me,” he said in a Cam-Cam video subsequently posted to Twitter. “No matter how many routes they need me for, I’ll be there, manning all the bus routes on my own.”

Guthrie also noted that “it will provide some quality content for my dash cam: the Cam-Cam.”

Guelph Transit was unable to comment at the time of publishing due to their spokesperson being out with the flu.

Photo courtesy of The Guelph Tribune

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