Misbehaving dog still a good boy

Misbehaving dog still a good boy

Owner threatens to disown him, but won’t stop spoiling him anyway

Seven-month-old border collie Jackie has been chewing up all his toys and digging holes in the backyard non-stop since his owners brought him home as a puppy. Even after multiple scoldings, Jackie remains unfazed and oblivious to his misbehaviour.

“He acts more like a cow than a dog,” said one of his owners, Red Nart. “He likes eating grass and tissues and sticks more than anything else. He’s eaten three of his own beds already.”

Last month, Jackie was kicked out of doggy daycare for being too excited to play with the other dogs.

The smaller dogs were appalled that Jackie would sniff their butts, but wouldn’t let them sniff his.

The doggy daycare staff called to say that he would not be welcomed back.

His owners have installed a home security camera just to be able to watch him while they’re at work because Jackie can’t be trusted on his own.

In an interview with The Contarion, Jackie defended himself by saying, “Woof! Woof! Woooof!”

Even though he is caught getting into trouble all the time, his owners can attest that he is still a good boy.

Photo by Karen K. Tran/The Ontarion

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