ON the Process: An exclusive interview with the Gryphons star scrapbooker, Tiann Nantais

ON the Process: An exclusive interview with the Gryphons star scrapbooker, Tiann Nantais

How a little glitter can make dreams come true

Tiann Nantais is the Gryphons’ star scrapbooker. She is a three-time OUA athlete of the week and a two-time national champion in the glitter-lettering division. Earlier this week, The Contrarion’s news editor, Tiann Nantais, sat down with scrapbooking champion Tiann Nantais to talk about the athlete’s journey to stardom and what it takes to become the best in the business.

Tiann Nantais: What does a typical training day look like for you?

Tiann Nantais: I start every morning with a quick trip to Michaels; I power walk both ways. I usually do a quick stretch before I flip through the coupon booklet, and then I always start in the sticker aisle for inspiration. I’ll perform my vocal warm-ups before I argue with the cashier about the validity of my coupons.

TN: What do you normally eat before a competition?

TN: Eat? Do you think I perfected a scalloped edge like this by wasting time eating? I have all meals blended with protein powder and fed to me through a straw.

TN: What was your main strategy going into nationals?

TN: I think I really played as a team in the OUA finals. I stayed optimistic, relied on my teammates, you know, me and myself both played a great game, and we were able to pull out a win. The other team was confident, they had some strong athletes, but at the end of the day, it was all about who could impress the judges with their photo placement. And we did.

Matteo Cimellaro | The Ontarion

TN: Why did you choose the University of Guelph to pursue your athletic goals?

TN: U of G has some of the best facilities for craft development in the country. For years I’ve wanted to develop my own line of photo corners, but I just didn’t have the resources. Here I was able to work not only on my photo corner line, but I was also able to master a technique we like to call “The Martha,” which is essentially a 3D pop-up scrapbook made entirely of tissue paper. Being one of only three scrapbookers on the Guelph team (comprised of me, myself, and I), I received a lot of one-on-one attention.  Plus, they offered me a full scrapbooking scholarship.

TN: When did you know scrapbooking was your sport? What made you want to devote yourself to the craft?

TN: I’ve known since I was a kid that I was born to be a scrapbooker. Mother says I was a crafter before I could walk. She says I began to trim long before I could talk. While most kids were watching Dora after school, I was watching The Martha Stewart Show. While some kids were eating paste, I was using it to make delicate découpage boxes. Glitter runs through my blood. I take 10 milligram supplements of fine glitter with my morning protein shake.

Matteo Cimellaro | The Ontarion

TN: What do you see for your future in scrapbooking? Do you see yourself going Pro?

TN: I’ve been doing some really innovative things with borders; I mean, never been done before. Martha Stewart would blush if she saw these borders. Michaels has been hounding me about a licensing deal, but I want to hold out for other offers. So that puts me on track to make a solid million when I go free agent next year following graduation.

Photo by Matteo Cimellaro/The Ontarion

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