Rock bucket challenge a total smash hit

Rock bucket challenge a total smash hit

New fad cracking skulls

There’s a new viral trend crashing onto the internet scene: the rock bucket challenge. Already spreading to thousands of participants across YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook, the rock bucket challenge involves filling a bucket with rocks and dropping it on your head.

“It’s not a great idea,” said one Guelph resident. “But I went for it. I grabbed some rocks and a bucket and just went for it.

Participants have been complaining of bruises and, in some extreme cases, goose eggs and black eyes. But the injured claim to have “no ragrets.”

One University of Guelph student doesn’t think the rock bucket challenge is quite challenging enough. “People use anything from gravel to pebbles, but I think if you’re going to do it, you have to commit,” said Narayan Subramonium, an avid follower of the viral trend. Subramonium is planning to put his own twist on the challenge by dropping a 1.2 tonne granite boulder on himself.

“It’s going to be huge — both literally and on the web. I’ll be internet famous!” Subramonium said. Subramonium’s previous “challenge” videos have only a few views each, but with this adaptation of the popular new trend, he thinks his channel will be catapulted to the forefront of YouTube stardom, maybe even starting his own, separate trend.

“I’m calling it the boulder challenge,” he said.

 “The boulder challenge is hardly original,” said another University of Guelph student, Julia Black. “I did the boulder challenge months ago, before all of this hype,” she said. Black completed the boulder challenge in July of this year, with a 1.7 tonne boulder. She posted the video of her completing the challenge on YouTube, but it has since been removed.

“I was hacked,” Black said.

Subramonium plans his attempt at the boulder challenge at Exhibition Park this Saturday, and is inviting all of his fellow University of Guelph students to attend.

Photo by Alora Griffiths/The Ontarion

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