Three classic holiday movies to keep your Christmas weird

Three classic holiday movies to keep your Christmas weird

Forget Rudolph and Frosty — here’s John McClane and Gizmo

Christmas is a time for decorating the Christmas tree, buying Christmas gifts, bombarding everyone with more Christmas music than they can handle, and watching all the classic Christmas movies you own. But do you find yourself bored watching the same holiday specials every year? Fret not, and try one of these holiday classics you may have overlooked.


Starring Bruce Willis, this movie features many charming holiday moments, like a local office holiday party getting broken up by terrorists who take the party-goers hostage. While this movie may be overlooked as a Christmas special, many families still indulge in this festive, action-packed film.


On a Christmas Eve that no one would forget, adorable little creatures called Gremlins decide to have a holiday party of their own and wreak havoc throughout the town of Kingston Falls. Watch the movie, just don’t feed any Gremlins after midnight!


And finally, another holiday movie that often gets forgotten is the infamous Star Wars Christmas musical, which first graced TV screens in 1978. If you’ve been thinking about enjoying some Star Wars this December, but don’t want to spend money on Last Jedi tickets, then look no further. This Wookiee-enriched film features beloved characters Han Solo and Chewbacca attempting to visit Chewbacca’s homeland for the holidays, only to be rudely interrupted by the Galactic Empire.

Photo edited by Alora Griffiths/The Ontarion.