I love you, animatronic singing lobster

I love you, animatronic singing lobster

Chasing laughs and smiles

I studied English and theatre studies at the University of Guelph and graduated with a double major in 2016.

I’m of the opinion that “it’s fun” is all the meaning a piece of art needs — I have a good time making felt badges and people enjoy them. It’s great when I have a big deep impetus to create, but most of my best work has been a result of chasing a laugh or a smile.

Art ought to make you feel something — and if that something is joy then all the better.

I’m one of those people who, if I see something that makes me feel joy I am going to try and get it into my house (see the animatronic singing lobster my partner hates or my plus-size topless mermaid statue), and I think lots of my art is an extension of that impulse.

I got into felt and embroidery work just for fun — I saw some cool fabric art pieces and I wanted to get into the game — and then my friend told me her mother used to make little badges for her during the summer to commemorate memories and stuff. And we all got really excited about the idea of adult merit badges.

It brought me back to my sweet Girl Guides sash and I got really stuck on the idea. This trash can one turned out great — and I think I ended up selling it at my first market!

Kate Ethier

Owl King is a print — I took a printmaking class with a friend and got really obsessed with carving my own stamps this summer. What kills me with this piece is it comes from a day where I was working on another project and having NO LUCK with it — just kept cranking out ugly all day. I took a break and doodled the thumbnail for this owl and loved it.

Four hours of work = nothing, three-minute doodle = my favourite stamp.  

I am constantly hopping from one medium to another and I usually have like five things on the go at any one time. Right now it’s embroidery, printmaking, and acrylics. Eventually, I’d love to try screen printing and brush up on my oil skills.


Art by Kate Ethier

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