Poem: Necessary Storms

Poem: Necessary Storms

Tears flow from the sky

Not just a cry, but a plea

“Someone, please help me”


For the riverbeds

Are a dry constellation

Of tired, sleepy veins


Mother only asks

For a little fall of rain

To quench the parched Earth


A flood to renew

The pure, simple green and blue

That once existed


Violent, but kind

A necessary fury

Of a storm maligned


Karen is a fourth year English major, creative writing minor at U of G and Digital Content Editor at The Ontarion.

“I started writing beginnings for poems on post-it notes whenever my train of thought got away from me while I was supposed to be working on something else. Eventually, I found time to complete some of those thoughts while taking some poetry workshops here at U of G.”

Photo courtesy of Lucy Chian via CC0

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