The “art” in mixed martial arts

The “art” in mixed martial arts

Changing the way you think about a violent sport 

For the longest time, everyday people would think about Shaolin monks or Bruce Lee practicing Kung Fu when they heard the term “martial arts.” When the same topic is mentioned now, most people are reminded of the violent nature of the recently evolved form of martial arts, the sport of mixed martial arts (MMA).

There is no doubt that MMA is an aggressive sport. Once an athlete enters the cage, anything can happen that could potentially put both fighters’ lives in danger. But what most people don’t realize is how sophisticated MMA can be.

With freedom and creativity in expressing skills from all martial arts backgrounds, the canvas of the MMA cage is no different than that used for making art.  

MMA is more than just about getting in the cage and beating someone until that person gives up — either consciously by tapping out or unconsciously through a knockout. It’s actually about pattern recognition and swift execution of a smart game plan that will end fights in your favour.

Janan Shoja Doost

Martial artists have to employ unorthodox strategies to take advantage of uncommon techniques, showing that you are bound to no one specific style, and that there are ultimately no limits to how you can dominate your opponents. Many techniques are allowed in MMA, so a fighter can decide to never perform the same in any given fight.

Patience adds value to the authenticity of the performance by the martial artist.

There are times when martial artists have the capacity to charge forward with full-on power, but they hold back, deciding instead to take their time and attack when the time is right to ensure that the net output of the attack is efficient.

The outcome comes down to the small but smart adjustments that the martial artist makes to perform effectively. When genuine fans understand all the thinking and analysis that go into a fighter’s performance, that is when they can truly admire and appreciate the beauty and art of the sport.

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