Employment Opportunities at The Ontarion

Paid positions

There are currently no paid opportunities at The Ontarion, but we will be hiring two people in September 2017: a copy editor and a marketing assistant. To apply for either of these part-time positions you will need to be approved for the University of Guelph’s work study program, which requires demonstrating financial need.

To apply for the copy editor or marketing assistant positions, take the following steps:

  1. Fill out a financial need assessment form and submit according to the instructions found here.
  2. Watch this page or The Ontarion‘s work study positions page to see when the positions are opened (September 2017).
  3. Submit an application package according to instructions in the job posting from The Ontarion. Include a copy of the confirmation email for the work study program. Do not miss the deadline (TBD).

Work study applications and more information about the program are available through the work study program’s website.

Unpaid positions

The Ontarion is always looking for volunteers. To find out more and to sign up, please visit our Volunteer page.