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Please Note: It is the suggestion of the Board of Directors that prospective members attend at least one Board meeting before joining.


What We’re All About…

The Board of Directors sets policy, manages the business affairs, and is the ultimate authority of the Ontarion. Its policies and procedures help to ensure both effective management for the paper, and financial security for the corporation. The Board is also responsible for creating and helping to maintain a healthy and productive working environment. Sidenote: Free food is provided at every meeting!

Who makes up the Board of Directors?

The membership is composed of twelve voting Directors, at least six of whom including the President, are undergraduates at the University of Guelph. One position is reserved for an employee of the Ontarion who serves as Board Staff Representative. The remaining five positions can be filled by any combination of up to two members of the University of Guelph’s Staff or Faculty, or up to three members from the following groups: University of Guelph Graduate students, University of Guelph Alumni, and community members (which could also include additional undergraduates). Both the Editor-in-Chief and the Business Manager are ex-officio, non-voting members of the boards. Voting members of the Board can serve up to three-year terms, and can submit themselves for re-election once that term has expired.

When does the Board meet?

Besides the two regular meetings of the entire membership, the Board also meets at least four times per semester including the summer. Aside from regular monthly Board meetings Directors are asked to participate in at least one of the following committees: Finance and Equipment (F&E), Human Rights and Resources (HR&R), Constitution and Policy (C&P), and Public Relations (PR). As well Directors may be required to attend additional Board meetings as needed.

How does the Board work?

The Board of Directors follows Parliamentary Procedure, which is governed by the four principles of: (1) justice and courtesy for all; (2) recognition of the will of the majority; (3) protection of the rights of the minority; and (4) dealing with one issue at a time. In order for the Board to pass motions and conduct the business of the paper a quorum of seven voting members must be present. Owing to the fact that the majority of the Board is made up of Undergraduates, in the summer semester up to three proxied votes can count towards quorum. Taking additional leadership within the Board is the Executive, which is made up of the President, the Chair, the Treasurer and the Secretary.


Ask Yourself:

1. Are you able to make, at least, a one-year commitment to the Board?

2. What is your understanding of bias and conflict of interest?

3. Have you had any past involvement with any of the following groups: Other student media outlets? Student government at the University of Guelph? City of Guelph organizations?

4. Are you aware that as a member of the Board of Directors, you are part of the  supervisory body that governs the paper?

5. Did you know that being a Board member makes you a public figure and your name will appear in the masthead of every issue of the paper?

6. Are you comfortable with the fact that Directors are liable for all decisions that they make with the Board?

7. Given what you now know about the Board, what skills do you think you might bring to the Board? (Please note: Seeing as how the Ontarion is a learning environment, you are neither expected nor required to bring advanced skills in human resources, finance or other applicable areas of proficiency.)

Criteria for Executive Membership:

For All Officers

  • Previous Board experience
  • Accepting authority to make decisions in emergency situations
  • Discussing issues outside regular Board meetings, involving an extra time commitment
  • On-hand training with incoming Exec (if possible)


  • Serves as the contact point to the Board
  • Serves as the ultimate supervisory authority
  • Reasonable familiarity with parliamentary procedure


  • Good general knowledge of Ontarion policy and constitution
  • Good general knowledge of parliamentary procedure

NOTE: The Chair only votes in the event of a tie

Vice President Finance

  • Previous experience on Finance and Equipment or equivalent

Vice President Communications

  • Must produce Board minutes in a timely fashion
  • Attention to detail needed
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